The Reiki Experience: A Healing Journey of the Mind, Body and Soul

The Reiki Experience: A Healing Journey of the Mind, Body and Soul

The Reiki Experience: A Healing Journey of the Mind, Body and Soul


A weekend unlike any other. Where I began my own healing journey over three years ago, I found myself stepping further into it, and my Dharma, over the following three days. Having partaken in the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 intensive, I thought I knew what to expect from the Holy Fire Reiki Master ignition. I had no idea!


It was magickal, deepening and extensively healing. I walked in a student and left cleared of negative chords, limiting beliefs and physical pain that I had been carrying with me for some time. I am so excited to share this deeper level of healing to all those whom are guided to my help.


During this time, I learned how to provide healing guidance and assistance in new marvelous ways that are received as placements when earning the Reiki Master Certification. I am so glad that I didn't stop at the Reiki 2 level, as I am now able to more potently help others on their healing journey.


One Reiki experience in particular has resonated with me deeply. During this Reiki Master intensive I was gifted with the knowledge of clearing negative chords and negative energies with Holy Fire Reiki. Holy Fire Reiki, in comparison to traditional Usui Reiki, is far more potent in a one-on-one setting as I personally came to experience as a recipient and as a practitioner.


I had been carrying a dull and intense pain in my abdomen for two years now. While I met with medical professionals, we could not find the root cause of the inflammation. My diet was changed, medication was prescribed and I was given strict guidelines on what foods to avoid. I was tested for Crohn's and Colitis, only to rule them out and be diagnosed with IBS and GERD. My other doctor's assumed that this was all symptomatic to the Depression and PTSD diagnosis. None of this sat well with me nor did I truly believe this was the end-all catch-all to what was going on.


On my own, I researched probiotics and other natural supplements to assist in relieving the inflammation and pain. I also utilized Reiki 2 practices and Crystal Therapy to alleviate the physical discomfort. I start my day with ginger tea and end it with peppermint tea after dinner. Following a low FODMAP diet helped bring some relief, too. However, while this was successful, I found that the swelling and pain would return when I was under stress. That's when I began to make more of a conscious effort to tune into my intuition and received insight that it was indeed an energetic blockage that was causing the swelling and pain. I created a different approach to get to the root of the energetic block just as the date for my Reiki Master certification arrived. There are never coincidences, only synchronicities!


Little did I know, that I would learn how to get rid of this energetic block once and for all in the preceding days. The Holy Fire Reiki Emotional Healing experience cleared my Solar Plexus Chakra, removed negative energies, as well as, the energetic block that was found there. This energetic block had become actual pain and materialized into my physical path. I was no longer the confident and courageous person I had always identified as. I was dealing with major depression and anxiety, both medically diagnosed, that stemmed from this energetic block within my Chakras. I was living in fear and found myself paralyzed when it came to taking grounded steps into my Dharma. Instead, I took calculated steps on days that I felt "well enough" or "good enough" to do work on my soul purpose business.


Immediately after receiving the Holy Fire Reiki Emotional Healing experience my abdomen felt calm and light. The tightness and pain was gone! It was the biggest relief I had received in over two years. The energetic block had been removed and the swelling of my abdomen had begun to subside. The healing did not stop there, Holy Fire Reiki continues to work on a deeper level even after the session is over.


Twenty-four hours in, I was able to see the deeper emotional healing that I had received. I woke up feeling like my authentic self, again. I felt a freshly sourced level of energy, confidence and inspiration of life that I hadn't felt in a very long time. This isn't a story of how the sky seemed bluer now or the sun shone brighter... no, it was a genuine change in mind, body and soul.


Inspired to step further into my Dharma, I began to receive vivid insight on how to better assist others through my soul purpose business, Violet Flame Oracle, LLC, through Holy Fire Reiki. It has been a constant flow of insight, positive energy and motivation that I hadn't experienced in so long that I cannot remember. As I walked into my third and final day of Reiki Master placement, I shared this with my peers and Mentor, only to confirm that they, too, had felt similar experiences in regard to their own healing journey within the last day.


This Holy Fire Reiki experience has been eye-opening and life changing for me. I am looking forward to offering this healing session to all as the Violet Flame Oracle's "Energetic Block Clearing & Emotional Healing Reiki Therapy." Book your session now and let's get started on your healing journey today, beautiful souls!

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