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Violet Flame Oracle LLC ("the company") reserves the right to make revisions, updates and cancellations of the offered workshops and/or courses.  All registered attendees will be notified in writing within 24 business hours of any impending revisions, updates and/or cancellations.  Attendance and participation is required for completion and certification.  Registered attendees that are unable to attend their purchased workshop and/or course, must notify the company in writing prior to the missed attendance, within 24 hours, or as soon as possible in the event of an unforeseen emergency.  Registered attendees may request to reschedule their registration for the consecutive available date- given there is another workshop and/or course open and available to them.  Refunds are not provided and/or available for any workshop and/or course.  Failure to attend and notify the company in writing as per the above terms, waives the claim to any rescheduling for a consecutive available dated workshop and/or course.  Minimum course attendance is four registered participants.  Maximum course attendance is ten registered participants.  Subject to change. The company, and its affiliates and associates, are not responsible for any injury or loss.  Purchase of registration, as well as, attendance to any and all workshops and/or courses offered and provided by the company is acceptance of the above terms and conditions.