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Discover possible opportunities & blocks now to walk through them with ease and grace.

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Receive clear advice and divinely channeled guidance.

Welcome Divine Guidance

Obtain advice from Spirit, the ArchAngels and your Guardian Angel to live a fulfilled joyful life.


One VFO Monthly Personalized Tarotscope™ Reading.*

In this reading we will check-in on the possible energies for the following month: Recent Past Energies; Current Energies; Possible Future Energies.

As well as, Channeled Divine & Angelic advice.

Violet Flame Oracle Tarotscope Subscription

Violet Flame Oracle Tarotscope Subscription


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Experienced. Certified. Registered.

Iliana is a Reiki Master Teacher & Angelic Medium who shares her clairvoyant spiritual gifts to bring you clarity. Through channeling & divination, she partners with the ArchAngels & your guardian angels to illuminate paths.

Iliana was first guided to Reiki healing as a client in 2017. In 2019, as she stepped further into learning & practicing Reiki on others, Iliana moved closer to soul's purpose of teaching & channeling Reiki to assist others on their healing paths.

At the same time Iliana was divinely guided to expand her offerings globally right before the COVID pandemic. She has since partnered with many across the globe on their healing journeys.

With the changing times during the pandemic, Iliana was guided to connect with Sr Reiki Master William Lee Rand, ICRT, to receive Reiki distance upgrades in Holy Fire Reiki for the teaching, training and attuning of new students remotely.


Over 17 Years Expertise

At nine years old, Iliana was gifted her first Tarot deck & ArchAngel Michael amulet. In her twenties, she freshened up her skills & began to read privately for others.

Since then, Iliana has sharpened her abilities with the addition of runes, oracle cards, angel cards, lenormand & kipper.

Violet Flame Oracle Love

Our Clients, Our Soul Family

Accuracy is impeccable!

"This is what happened. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL.  The reading is awesome. As always I hate for it to end. You always leave me wanting more. The accuracy is impeccable."

— Lessie A., VFO client since 2021

Spot on as always!

"Hi Iliana! This message is spot on as always. It’s funny that you mentioned self love. I began wearing my rose quartz necklace again this week.”

— Danielle M., VFO Client since 2020

I was in Awe!

"I was in AWE when Iliana pulled the first three cards... I thank God and the Angels for putting Iliana- on my path."

— Maria B., VFO Client since 2020

All I have to say is, Wow!

"Iliana was- able to get everything. She- got a lot of the small details that blew my mind!"

— Sarah R., VFO Client since 2021

Iliana is amazing!

"Iliana is amazing to work with. I highly recommend her, as she can truly connect."

— Rayanna H., VFO Client since 2019


Personalized Reading

*One three-card reading & high-quality photograph of the spread emailed to you every third Saturday of the month by Midnight EST.

Clear Guidance

With every reading, a healing message & clear spiritual guidance on what steps to take to live a fulfilled life with ease, grace, peace & joy.

Healing Advice

Reiki recommendations to assist you on healing your body, mind & soul across space & time. As well as, manifesting goals & life force energy.

Over 17 Years Experience

Proven accuracy in reading for others & channeling divine, angelic guidance with the assistance of AA Michael, Ascended Master Jesus and other ArchAngels.

Safe Square Billing

Convenient automatic billing via Square each month. Never miss a month.

Violet Flame Oracle Tarotscope Subscription

Violet Flame Oracle Tarotscope Subscription


Pay now
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New Moon Ceremony Pass

One complimentary registration to join us for a VFO New Moon Manifestation Ceremony with Reiki. Co-create Your Wishes.

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Reiki Healing & Certification

10% savings on available VFO Reiki 1 Workshop, as well as, complimentary VFO Reiki consultation with Reiki Master Iliana.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions apply.  For entertainment purposes only.  No refunds or exchanges.  This is a prepaid subscription service.  Readings will be processed and emailed by Midnight EST on the third Saturday of the month. Subscription service for those who sign up after the 10th of the current month will receive their first Tarotscope the following month, after subscription confirmation. To avoid automatic payment, client must cancel online via paypal, or by contacting VFO LLC in writing, no later than the 10th of the month.  Please refer to Subscription confirmation email for additional terms & conditions.  Email for complete list of terms and conditions or questions.  This is the only and official site for VFO LLC services. Thank you for your continued patronage.  Copyright 2021, 2022 Violet Flame Oracle LLC

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Certified & Registered

Since 2019, Reiki Master Iliana Taleno has been registered as a certified Reiki practitioner with world-renown, International Center for Reiki Training.

Experienced Reader

With over 17 years experience in reading tarot for others, Iliana has polished her divination gift with the addition of oracle cards, runes, lenormand and kipper cards.

Fluently Bilingual

Reiki Master Iliana is fluent in English and Spanish. Recently, she has begun to learn Korean and has mastered the Hangul- discovering conversation is next.

Available Globally

Remote Reiki healing available through phone & video call. Readings offered by video recording across all timezones.