Reiki 1 Live Online Workshop and Certification
Reiki 1 Live Online Workshop and Certification
Reiki 1 Live Online Workshop and Certification
Reiki 1 Live Online Workshop and Certification
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Reiki 1 Live Online Workshop and Certification

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Last day to purchase your spot is Friday, December 4th, 2020 for the Saturday, December 12th, 2020 Workshop.

Peace.  Happiness.  Motivation.

Discover Self-Healing.

Discover what Reiki can do to help you heal, balance chakras and align with your most authentic Self in our exclusive Reiki 1 Workshop.

If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, lack of confidence or courage, sadness or no motivation and want the ‘air back in your sails.’  I have developed this Reiki 1 Workshop for you!

In this workshop you will discover the truth about Reiki and how it will assist you in healing and growth. 

As a benefit from our interactive online demonstration, you will also gain a powerful healing, calming peace and spark- all from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

You’ll find out the correct hand placements and flow of performing Reiki therapy on yourself.  You’ll also receive placement and ignition of Holy Fire Reiki (energy) that will exponentially increase the potency of your self-reiki, in comparison to not receiving placement by a Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master- Teacher.

In our live online group setting you’ll have the chance to connect with other like-minded people and have fun learning about Reiki healing together.

By the completion of the workshop, you will have discovered Reiki, confidently practiced Reiki on yourself, opened up to healing and your full potential while in the comfort of your own home and with an empowering and intuitive natural healer, Iliana Taleno, as your personal Reiki Master- Teacher.


Saturday, December 12th, 2020, 10am - 730pm EST with one hour lunch break, mini breaks and practice time included. Workshop may finish early, depending on attendance.  

Enrollment for this workshop closes on Friday, December 4th, 2020

**Once you purchase your seat here, complete your enrollment by emailing your full name and mailing address to: You will receive enrollment confirmation within 24 business hours.**

What’s Included with our VFO Reiki 1 Live Online Workshop:

  • Hard copy of the “Reiki Healing Touch, First and Second Degree Manual” by International Center for Reiki Training President and Senior Reiki Master- Teacher, William Lee Rand.
  • Certificate of Accreditation and Completion granted by International Center for Reiki Training, registered Reiki Affiliate Member, Iliana Taleno, RMT
  • Usui- Holy Fire 3 Reiki Ryosho 1st Degree placement and ignition
  • Live online demonstration and interactive practice of Reiki hand placements
  • Healing meditation experiences
  • Interactive workshop with limited seating:  min 4; max 10 attendees. 
  • Live online experience taught by direct Dr. Usui (Reiki originator) fourth generation founder-lineage Reiki Master-Teacher, Iliana Taleno see below 

Dr. Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki, who trained

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, who trained

Mrs. Chitoko Yamaguchi, who in Japan trained

William Lee Rand, ICRT President, who Reiki Master upgrade online-trained


Iliana Taleno                Peggy Gaines, who Reiki Master trained


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